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Turkey is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.



A country bordered by three different seas, with beautiful beaches and coves, breathtaking natural wonders and scenery, unique historical and archaeological sites and friendly locals.  Turkey has around eight months of sunshine a year and, most importantly, over 7000 kms of beautiful coastline - ready to ride?  ......

The Benefits Of Using Carbon Fiber In Motorcycle Exhausts.

Tiger Exhaust August 2012


The Carbon fiber has been the first choice for after-market performance parts users for  a long time because in contrast to stainless steel and titanium exhausts,carbon fiber has a more modern & aerodynamic look.As well as being  a strong and durable material,carbon fiber is also very light.It was primarily used in aero-space industry before it stated being used in automotive industry afterwards .....

Learn how Koenigsegg makes their carbon fiber parts  January 2013


Aside from being just absolute performance machine, the car is made with a ton of carbon fiber…in fact, there are over 400 different carbon fiber pieces in this car.


Normally when we watch these “behind the scenes” videos, there is a general overview of carbon fiber usage, but this goes very in-depth and we highly recommend watching if you find yourself perusing our site....


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