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 Establishing stronger connections with you and your bike...

      Tiger Exhaust Systems has been gradually advancing in the field ofmanufacturing  high quality exhausts for motorcycles since 1996.Using the highest level of technology such as CNC processing , 3d technical drawings , Dyno Labs etc. Tiger Exhaust has proven to be the leader of the exhaust productionsector  in Turkey with the title of being the fastest developing exhaust manufacturer while manufacturing with minimum error tolerance. Due to the parts being produced by zero tolerance machines and assembly made by the hands of the best technicians available.


      Being one of the top class sponsors in the Turkish motorcycle racing league, Tiger Exhaust uses top quality accessories and materials in the production and assembly process.All of the Screws,nuts ,springs,stainless steel and platings are supplied from the international certified material suppliers.Thus using the top grade elements in the manufacturing has a key role due to the exhausts being used in racing tracks in order to prevent any kind of wearing due to time,heat and weather conditions.


      Being the first and ultimate carbon fiber exhaust manufacturer in Turkey is one of Tiger Exhausts titles and this title is earned because of high enthusiasm for motorcycles and being a machinery manufacturer in a 3000M² inner space factory since 1966.You can also check see the co-company Ozgenc Machinery from .


      All of the Tiger Exhaust products are manufactured in the factory and sold directly to the customer in order to maintain the customer friendly prices.The main target of  Tiger Exhaust Systems Co. Ltd. is to deliver our exhausts to all of the people around the world including the lowest budget teenagers and  the luxury admirers as well.


      Tiger Exhaust Systems will be pleased to serve you with its A-class exhauststhat are manufactured  in a ISO 9001:2000 EC certified factory environment with CE standards approved.

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