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Learn how Koenigsegg makes their carbon fiber parts

      Koenigsegg is a Swedish hypercar manufacturer .  If you haven’t heard the name before, their latest beast is an 1,140 hp one with a top speed of about 273 mph called the Agera R:


      Aside from being just absolute performance machine, the car is made with a ton of carbon fiber…in fact, there are over 400 different carbon fiber pieces in this car.  In episode 1 of this series from, they head to the Koenigsegg factory in Sweden and have CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg give us some insider info on carbon fiber being used in the car.  Not only that but there is a ton of more general carbon fiber information that Koenigsegg discusses.  You’ll not only get a much better understanding of the “black art” of carbon fiber, but also everything that goes into making a carbon fiber part starting from the mold.  Not many people understand why some of the products that we write about and sell are so expensive, and if you find yourself in that bucket, I think you’ll have a much better understanding after watching this.

Normally when we watch these “behind the scenes” videos, there is a general overview of carbon fiber usage, but this goes very in-depth and we highly recommend watching if you find yourself perusing our site:


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