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What Are the Benefits of Using Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts?

Tiger Exhaust Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust



If you are a fan of motorcycles and love the chopper or the racer that you have, then it is almost certain that you have at some point in your motorcycling life considered modifying it for some reason or another. The first question that every rider faces after having had fun with his new bike for a few months is if he should modify it to look cooler, be more efficient, give more power or sometimes even make more noise. Motorcycle exhausts are usually the first thing that any bike rider considers changing on his bike. The following are some reasons why.



1. Most motorcyclists would say that they love the power of their bike between their legs when they are cruising somewhere or even speeding on the highway. The rush of a motorcycle that shoots off the starting line is something that any motorcycle enthusiast enjoys. Acceleration is one of the most basic factors of a motorcycle for its owner. Replacing the existing equipment with aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can allow a biker to improve the peak engine horsepower of his bike. These are known as free flowing exhaust systems that usually give the exhaust a straight path without the hindrance of shape change, catalytic convertors, complicated mufflers etc.



2. The vroom of a motorcycle is one of its most important aspects for the bike rider. In fact, many motorcycle enthusiasts even take the noise factor into consideration when they are buying a new bike. An Original Equipment Manufacturer exhaust system is designed to reduce the sound levels of the bike. However, some bikers have opposing views. These bikers use exhaust systems that actually promote the amount of sound that the bike makes.



3. In contrast to the above mentioned points, there are also bikers who look for the maximum fuel efficiency and the least sound. These are motorcyclists who prefer more futuristic bikes in comparison to raw, animalistic, conventional exhaust systems with lots of noise and power. Using well designed aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can improve the mileage of the bikes as well.



4. There is also the factor of looks to consider here because many bikers like to have the whole diehard, hardcore biker look. This is achieved by flashier and bigger exhaust systems that announce the presence of a traditionalist biker.



5. Sometimes, the demand for the aftermarket motorcycle exhausts is nothing but simply the fact that the Original Equipment Manufacturer exhaust system needs to be replaced due to wear and tear. Aftermarket exhausts are used as some original equipment exhausts may be hard to find or too expensive to purchase.




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