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Do you have a dealer or seller in my country ?

Tiger Exhaust Systems does not have a dealer or seller in any country besides Turkey.The sales are made via and E-bay.


How many days will it take for my exhaust to arrive ?


Tiger Exhaust works with The Turkish Postal Service in order to give service for the most affordable prices and prevent the shipment getting stuck in the customers country ,resulting in charging tax by their government.So it takes around 8 - 12 days according to the countries local postal service in cooperation with the Turkish Postal Services.

Find all of the answers to most of your questions here.In case you have a question which is not listed here please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address, phone or simply fill out a form from our contacts page.


We will try our best to reply as soon as possible.

Does your exhausts have an EC Certificate for noise regulations ?

1- We are a Turkish Company located in Turkey.The TUV labs that test the noise emissions are located in a few European countries.So we cannot make these tests and get the certificate because each exhaust must be tested with the fitting motorcycles seperately and making this organisation from Turkey is impossible.If there is a company willing to do this organisation we would be glad to hear their offer.


2- Our exhaust noise emissions are in the boundaries of the regulation and do not cause noise pollution in the standard speed limits, but we simply do not have a certificate that proves this.As long as you do not do a 180kmh  drive-by to a policeman there would'nt be a problem.


Is Tiger Exhaust a reliable company?

Tiger Exhaust is a company established in 1996.Since this time we have always been trying to give the best service to fellow bikers.We are aware that doing business with a foreign company is a hard choice and we are trying our best to gain the worlds trust.We assure you that your product will be delivered to you safe and sound.If there is any defect with your product you will surely recieve a rechange and you can cancel anytime you want before your exhaust is shipped.


Is WR-125 a full system exhaust or only an exhaust can with a connector ?

All Tiger Exhaust models for 125cc motorcycles are full system exhausts including stainless steel downpipes all the way to the engine manifold.

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