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The Benefits Of Using Carbon Fiber In Motorcycle Exhausts.



   The Carbon fiber has been the first choice for after-market performance parts users for  a long time because in contrast to stainless steel and titanium exhausts,carbon fiber has a more modern & aerodynamic look.As well as being  a strong and durable material,carbon fiber is also very light.It was primarily used in aero-space industry before it stated being used in automotive industry afterwards.

The asthetic look that the carbon fiber products give to the motorcycle is the main reason motorcycle enthusiasts prefer using them.The connection parts on the metal materials surface can have an unclean look because of the welding marks made during the process; however carbon fiber products are made by moulds and they can have any form required without having anykind of mark on it.The oval shapes can come out very clean and smooth.


   Because Carbon fiber mufflers cannot be produced in amateur environments it is hard for low class manufacturers to produce replicas of the product wich gives the consumer the benefit of having a rare carbon fiber product.


   Another big benefit of carbon fiber products is the weight-strength ratio .If we were to weigh two physically identical pieces of steel and carbon fiber we could see that the carbon fiber parts is %70 more lighter.It is almost weighs same as kevlar wich is used in bullet-proof vests.The weight benefit make your motorcycle lighter which means less weight pulled by the engine.Less weight to the engine means more horsepower and less fuel consumption.


Carbon Fiber

70% ligter than Steel

40% lighter than Aluminium

35% lighter than Magnesium

50% lighter than SMC


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