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Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer 2012-2015 Exhaust System


Pentagonal Carbon Fiber

Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer 2012-2015


Triumph Tiger

Explorer 1200 2012-2015

All Suitable exhausts for this bike.



Tiger Exhaust P-800 Carbon Fiber Exhaust designed perfectly for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200  2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015


The P-800 series is specially designed for powerful bikes over 600cc because of its over 52mm outlet that lets the engine roar freely without being restricted by the stock exhaust.


Another benefit is getting rid of the stock exhaust which is commonly made of DKP steel that burdens your bike by unnecessary weight and in big motorcycles like the BMW series changing the exhaust can itself by installing an aftermarket slip on exhaust can give a great benefit to your bike by enhancing the perormance and modifying the design to achive a aesthetic look that will make people look twice while you are roaming by.


NOTE: Please ask if your exhaust is in stock or not before confirming the order and send us an email including your phone number and post address for confirmation

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